Saturday, November 19, 2011



just to remind, no matter what tool, you just need to practice,  practice make perfect~
all of these metal snap button  are hard to undo after done, so please do try on scrap , once you know how to do then do it on your handmade product~

be careful with which one belongs together, look  at the picture
make a hole,
top button on the mole
put your handmade which already made a hole on it, then the other button, make sure it's the right one 
use hammer to knoc it , not too hard.

 the lower button on mole
again the handmade on top then the other button 


~Enjoy your time~

these photos are made by a friend of mine, I have asked her permission to use them, so don't just copy and use, thank you 
這些照片是朋友的, 我有經過允許使用, 所以請不要抄襲使用哦~謝謝~

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