Thursday, January 12, 2012

YKK5V碼裝尼龍拉鍊 安裝方法

first , cut to size you want, remember to add seams for both end.

then open up  a bit the end of the zip,doesn't matter which end, both side no problem to use.

install the zip head in

and done!  easy, right?

can also make double zip head.

YKK  5V碼裝尼龍拉鍊
5VYKK Zip RM3.5 per yard
Zip head G RM2.2  each
Zip head H RM 2.5 each
A,B,C, available 5 yard ,D  available 15 yard  F available 9yard

E fully reserved  F reserved 5 yard

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