Thursday, November 1, 2012

Aliceの26俱樂部 的功課集

這是一年來參加 Aliceの26俱樂部所完成的12個包, 有挫折, 但是絕對有進步。 有些包還做了兩個,不過沒有每一個都貼上來。
Alice老師不吝嗇的把很多細節教給了我們, 從中真的獲益良多~
接下來還有好多個 Alice 老師的包型想挑戰,學習~

Thursday, May 3, 2012

玫瑰幸福長夾 Rose long purse

這是Alice 老師的4月功課, 遲交了, 因為做這個花了幾天的時間。 壓線是綜合機縫壓線和手縫壓線。 最難的地方是機縫拼布, 可能是我的紙型沒有做的很完美所以接出來沒有很精準。 玫瑰貼布圖案是自己設計的, 靈感是從做教堂之窗的時候來的, 想了很久終於實際做出來了, 下次還要再改進一些做法。

我沒有用磁扣而用了這個書包扣, 因為買了很久都一直沒有試用過。

interest with this item? you can fount them here :
interest with this item? you can fount them here :

Thursday, January 12, 2012

YKK5V碼裝尼龍拉鍊 安裝方法

first , cut to size you want, remember to add seams for both end.

then open up  a bit the end of the zip,doesn't matter which end, both side no problem to use.

install the zip head in

and done!  easy, right?

can also make double zip head.

YKK  5V碼裝尼龍拉鍊
5VYKK Zip RM3.5 per yard
Zip head G RM2.2  each
Zip head H RM 2.5 each
A,B,C, available 5 yard ,D  available 15 yard  F available 9yard

E fully reserved  F reserved 5 yard

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Taiwan fabric nov 2011

 purple ballerina shoes RM 34 per yard RM18 per half yard
available 2 yard

 green zoo RM 34 per yard RM18 per half yard
available 2 yard

 dancing ballerina RM 34 per yard RM18 per half yard
white available 1 yard 
pink 2 yard 
black 2 yard

 red tree and house RM 34 per yard RM18 per half yard
available 2 yard 
red polka dot available0 yard

blue tree and house RM 34 per yard RM18 per half yard
available 1 yard 
blue polka dot available0

Saturday, November 19, 2011



just to remind, no matter what tool, you just need to practice,  practice make perfect~
all of these metal snap button  are hard to undo after done, so please do try on scrap , once you know how to do then do it on your handmade product~

be careful with which one belongs together, look  at the picture
make a hole,
top button on the mole
put your handmade which already made a hole on it, then the other button, make sure it's the right one 
use hammer to knoc it , not too hard.

 the lower button on mole
again the handmade on top then the other button 


~Enjoy your time~

these photos are made by a friend of mine, I have asked her permission to use them, so don't just copy and use, thank you 
這些照片是朋友的, 我有經過允許使用, 所以請不要抄襲使用哦~謝謝~

Taiwan raw meterials restock

五爪釦壓合鉗 (10MM) RM 25 each
available 4  reserved 0  sold 7

10mm五爪釦實心款  10 buttons per pack  RM8 per pack 

 available :
purple  10 packs  reserved 2
sky blue  10 packs   reserved 2
pink 10 packs reserved 2 
green 4 packs  reserved 1
khakis 7 packs  reserved1 sold 2

尺寸:如上圖所示(1 button  4 pieces)

10mm五爪釦空心款   10 button per pack
RM 7 per pack

sky blue 12 packs
green  5 packs
khakis 9 packs  sold 1
purple 12 packs
pink  12 packs
beige 5 packs
尺寸:如上圖所示(1 button 4 pieces)
造型撞釘--點點心 dot dot hearts shape rivets(10 sets per pack)    RM 7 per pack

available 30 packs

造型撞釘--愛心heart shape rivets(10 sets per pack) RM 8.5 per pack 

available 30 packs


造型撞釘--幸運草  clover rivets(10 sets per pack) RM 8.5 per pack

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